Choose the right size sheets !

Choose the right size sheets !

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To choose the right dimension for your bed sheets, see the instructions below.

Must be carefully measured the width, height and thickness of the mattress.

For example, assuming that the mattress has a width of 1.60 m, a height of 2.00 m and a thickness of 0.20 m, the width of the sheet must be 1.60 + 0.2 + 0.2 = 2, 00 meters.

If the mattress is external, then we will add 10-20 cm on each side, so the ideal bed sheet width will be 2.20-2.40 meters. For the height of the sheet we follow the same logic, ie 2,00 + 0,2 + 0,2 = 2,60-2,80 meters. So, the ideal dimension is 2.20 x 2.60 or 2.40 x 2.80 m.

If it is not the entire thickness of the mattress out, a smaller dimension may be enough, but it is always preferable to choose a little more than a little less.



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