About Us

The company and its history.

George and Christos Christidis are the sons of Michalis Christidis, who was one of the oldest weavers in Greece.

His children made their first steps in the Corinth factory and father’s love for production was transmitted to them.

They continued to develop their work and FIBER LINEN was created in Athens as progress of their know-how.

FIBER LINEN is a state-of-the-art industry that manufactures white linens and today dares and raises its stature against the world-wide production of such products from third countries.

Its philosophy is simple, produce linen, such as pillows, duvets mattress protectros and many more products, using the highest quality of raw materials, without carcinogens, with respect for people and the environment.


Our vision, our goal and our values.

FIBER LINEN vision is to become the first industrial unit in market in the white goods industry.

The values that accompany FIBER LINEN's work are honesty, quality assurance and consumer health. Focusing on consumer safety for healthy products, FIBER LINEN does not sacrifice this value on the altar of temporary speculation.

We will remain consistent with our commitments !


The production process.

Buying the appropriate raw materials from the world's finest factories, FIBER LINEN has the ability to produce products that are at the top of the quality scale.

Employees and the executives of FIBER LINEN continuously carry out market research around the world and technical controls on new materials to develop innovative raw materials and produce quality products.


Οur products.

Pillows, duvets, quilts, mattress protectors, heat-sealed substrates, are some of our products that we produce to meet the needs of consumers.

Filling materials are made of primary polyester fibers and processed at FIBER LINEN factories.

Fabrics come from the finest weaving's in the world, the finishing, stitching and packaging of our products are adapted to the modern consumer demands.